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Best Twin Baby Carriers Keeping Your Babies Safe


A baby carrier can be highly useful when you need your hands free or when you’re going somewhere that’s not pram-friendly.

The majority of baby carriers on the market are designed for one baby, but what if you need to carry more than one baby? If you have twins, or two babies very close in age, you may be looking to purchase a twin baby carrier.

Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the best twin baby carrier for your needs:

1. A Twin Baby Carrier that is Safe for Your Babies

A baby carrier straps your baby to your chest or back for an extended period of time. Therefore, it is vital that the baby carrier holds your baby in a safe and healthy position during this time. A good baby carrier should allow your baby to sit with their knees apart, so that he or she is straddling you. When your baby is in the carrier, their legs should never be close together or just hanging in the air. This position is the best for healthy hip development for your baby. To avoid suffocation and breathing restrictions, a baby carrier should also allow your baby to lift their chin up and away from the body.

2. A Twin Baby Carrier that is Comfortable for You

Just as your baby is held in the same position for a good while, you are also walking around with a weight attached to you. For a baby carrier to be comfortable for its wearer, it should have broad shoulder and waist straps to help evenly distribute the weight, and prevent the straps from digging into any one spot. On a twin baby carrier, even weight distribution is extra important as the weight is doubled.

3. A Twin Baby Carrier that is Easy to Use

For a baby carrier to be useful, you should be able to put it on yourself. The whole process, from putting your babies in, all the way to adjusting the straps, should be doable by one person. Ideally, you want a carrier that isn’t too fiddly or time and energy consuming to use.

With these factors in mind, we’ve already picked out a few of the best twin baby carriers for you:

TwinGo Original Model

Invented by a mother of twins, TwinGo twin baby carriers are designed for ultimate mother and baby comfort. This twin baby carrier evenly distributes weight by carrying one baby in front, and one baby in the back. The shoulder straps are thickly padded, and will fit adults from 4’11” to 6’5.” Likewise, the waist belt can be adjusted for use from 20” to 99”. This makes the twin baby carrier suitable for adults of all heights and sizes. Babies weighing 10lbs to 45lbs can be carried in this carrier. If carrying babies between 7lb to 10lb, an extra infant insert will have to be purchased.

Every TwinGo carrier comes with sleep hood attachments to provide extra neck support and sun shade for the babies. Each carrier also comes with a large pockets that will fit diapers and other essentials. These same pockets also act as storage, and the whole carrier can be packed away into its own bag.

Best of all, with the TwinGo original model, you’re essentially buying two baby carriers, as the twin baby carrier can be separated into two independent carriers that can be used on the front or back.

TwinGo Air Model

Also from TwinGo, this Air Model twin baby carrier shares many similarities with the Original Model. True to its name, the Air Model is lighter than the Original Model because it is made from a more lightweight material, and it doesn’t have the two storage pockets. The baby seat on this carrier is made from a ventilated fabric, perfect for hot days, and includes a zip-up cotton flap for cooler weather. Although there is no diaper-sized pocket, the Air Model has pockets on the waistband that will fit valuables such as a cellphone or small wallet. Aside from these differences, this baby carrier shares the same quality build and versatility as the Original Model.

Stuff 4 Multiples Twingaroo Twin Baby Carrier

The Twingaroo baby carrier doubles as a diaper bag, and includes a backpack-like pocket on the back carrier, complete with two baby bottle holders. As is, the Twingaroo can only be used as a twin baby carrier, however an additional conversion strap can be purchased to use it as two separate baby carriers. This twin baby carrier can also carry two babies of different sizes, with the recommendation the heavier child is carried in the back. Parents have found the additional diaper bag extremely useful, and the carrier easy to strap on, with written instructions and instructional videos available online. However, there are size limitations to this carrier. The waist strap on this can only be extended up to 62”, which may be too small, depending on the size of the adult.

TwinGo Lite Model

Unlike the other carriers within the TwinGo brand, the Lite model doesn’t come with straps to separate the baby carrier into two. Without the extra straps and diaper pockets, the Lite Model is also a lighter weight than the Original Model. If needed, the shoulder straps to convert the carrier into two carriers are also available to be purchased. Sizing options are the same for the Lite Model, and will fit adults of varying sizes. For the parents that want a high-quality, minimalistic baby carrier, without any other bells and whistles, this is definitely a great choice.

Malisthastik Twin Baby Carrier

The Malisthastik Twin Baby Carrier differs from other models on the list as your babies are both carried on the front. In addition to constant contact with their mother, this twin baby carrier also puts your two babies within touching distance and they can play with each other.

One of the downsides to this carrier is figuring out how to get it on. Some parents have had no problems using this carrier, but others have also expressed confusion about how to put the carrier on. However, at this lower price, it may be worth putting in the extra time to figure out how to get this on.

Did we miss any? Let us know which product you think is the best twin baby carrier.

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