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Best Baby Pool Floats For Safety and Fun


Whilst playing in water and swimming are enjoyable activities for young children, you should always be extra vigilant around children in water, whether it’s the beach, a pool, or even just a bathtub at home.

Safety and supervision however, are just as important as letting your child float, swim and enjoy the water. The prolonged human contact from baby swimming is also a great opportunity for bonding with your child. Bath time has probably already taught you that holding a squirming child in water is no easy feat. Luckily, there are many baby swimming products on the market to help your baby play in the water. We’ve rounded up some of the best pool floats for babies to get you started.

Before purchasing or buying a baby float, familiarize yourself with some of these water safety tips first:

  • Always keep your baby supervised in the water. Even with the safest products, anything can happen in the water that could endanger your child’s safety
  • Babies can fall out of pool floats either when the pool float flips over, or slip out from the bottom, both present drowning hazards
  • Most pool floats come with a recommended age, but you should also check weight and/or height requirements
  • Before using the pool float in the water, practice putting your baby into the pool float on dry land first
  • If you purchase an inflatable floatation device for your children, be sure to leave it for 15 minutes after inflation to make sure the valves are closed properly and there is no damage that could cause it to deflate
  • For pool floats with buckles or clasps, be sure to tug and double check the straps after buckling to ensure it will not come loose
  • Floating neck rings for babies are never recommended, as they can restrict movement for you child, and inflatable ones pose high drowning risks

If you follow these tips, any of the following pool floats will be safe and fun for your baby to use.

SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy

Suitable for ages 9-24 months.

Designed for the ideal water introduction experience, this pool float has dual inflation chambers for added stability. This is a pool float designed to allow babies to float, and will not suit children who are already comfortable enough to start kicking and moving around in water. The removable canopy is thin and unobtrusive, offering UPF 50+ sun protection. An activity center in the front includes an inflatable octopus with rattle and stacking rings. Although the manufacturer recommends this product for babies 9 months or older, many parents have already purchased and used it with younger infants, citing it as an ideal pool float under adult supervision and support.

V-Convey Mambobaby Float

Suitable for ages 3-24 months.

Unlike other pool floats on the market, the Mambobaby is a non-inflatable pool float. While this means no more worrying about deflation or struggling with a pump, be aware that this pool float needs to be hung up to dry after use. The five-point harness provides maximum safety, preventing babies from falling out of any direction. Additionally, the harness also allows your child to swim backstroke in this pool float. Covered in the same fabric used in swimsuits, this pool float is available in green, blue or pink.

Ayeboovi Shark Inflatable Floatie

Suitable for ages 9-36 months.

If your child is running around singing baby shark doodoodoodoodoodoo, this is the perfect floatie for them. This inflatable shark-shaped pool float is over 36” wide, creating a sturdy base that decreases chances of flipping over. The seat area is reinforced, and there are two handles in the front for your baby to hold onto. If needed, the shade canopy, designed with matching shark teeth and bells, can be removed.

La Funcosa Rainbow Twin Baby Pool Float

Suitable for ages 6-36 months.

If you have twins, or two babies of similar weight, this pool float is great for letting them float together. Aside from holding two babies, this pool float also has a unique cross-shaped seat that allows the babies to sit in four different directions. There is a large slot between the two baby seats that babies can lean against or hold toys. Weight is distributed evenly on this pool float, so you won’t have to worry about it tipping over even if one baby is taken out first.

Poolmaster Mommy & US Swimming Pool Baby Rider

Suitable for ages 8-24 months.

Another dual baby pool float, this one from Poolmaster has a unique opening that allows an adult to stand close amongst the babies. The two prongs of the pool float allow adults to easily rest their arms on the pool float, and have easy access to the babies and the center play bin. This pool float will seat babies up to 40lbs and is designed to stay balanced even if one baby is removed first. Covered in sea-themed graphics, this pool float also comes with 4 inflatable sea creature toys.

Pefeceve Baby Inflatable Swimming Pool Float

Suitable for ages 3-36 months.

If you have an active baby who’s starting to kick and move around the water, this is the perfect pool float. Straps and safety buckles in the crotch and shoulder area ensure that your baby won’t fall out of the pool float. Designed with an inflated front and widened sides, the pool float allows babies to incline forward at an ideal angle for kicking water. A removable buoy is attached to the back of this pool float to help with steadiness and flotation.

This pool float is sold in two sizes, with S recommended for 3-12 months, and L recommended for 6-36 months old. Made from 0.35mm thick PVC, this leak-proof pool float is 16% thicker than standard pool floats found on the market. Upon purchase, this pool float will come with manual pump and deflation tube for quick, convenient use.

Intex My Baby Float

Suitable for ages 6-24 months.

With a 26” diameter, this donut-shaped pool float has a double ring design for added stability, making it less likely to tip over if your baby tries to lean forward or backwards. The deep seat and inflatable backrest provide extra support for your baby while they float. This is a simple but safe pool float that’s great value for money.

Free Swimming Baby Underarm Swim Trainer

Suitable for ages 3-24 months.

Once babies are familiar with the water, and want to start swimming, this Underarm Swim Trainer is a great option. This pool float has shoulder straps and sponge padding in the abdominal area for comfort while swimming. As this particular design does not come with any straps in the crotch area or seating, babies can have more leg freedom, but be sure you pick the right size to ensure they do not fall down through the pool float. Sizing is separated by for 3-7 months and M for 6-24 months.

Regardless of which pool float you pick from this list of best pool floats for babies, remember to always keep your child supervised when they are in the water and have fun!

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