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Best Diaper Cakes For Newborns


They say there’s a cake for every occasion. We have to agree. But not all cakes are edible.

Assembled from diapers and arranged in the shape of tiered cakes, diaper cakes make a great gift for parents who are expecting or already have a baby. Diaper cakes make a beautiful yet also practical gift. Keep in mind the age of the baby when you’re shopping, as most diaper cakes tend to come with diapers for newborns, and you may have to make a specific request if you would like it made from larger diapers. Diaper cakes also make a great centerpiece or decoration at baby showers or parties because you won’t have to worry about it melting or cutting it. If you’re intrigued by the idea of a diaper cake, check out some of these diaper cake options.

Classic Pastel Baby Shower Diaper Cake

This 3-tier diaper cake is decorated with pink pastel ribbons and bows. Made from 60 Pampers Stage 1 diapers, the classic design actually means the diaper cake resembles a real cake from afar. This diaper cake is also available with pastel blue ribbons here.

Elephant Diaper Cake – It’s a Girl Baby Shower Gift

This series of diaper cakes are well suited for baby showers or gender reveal parties. The cake comes with a soft Elephant rattle on top of the cake, with a “A little Peanut is on her way!” written on the sign. The 2-tier version come with 32 Parents Choice Diapers. This same design also comes in a 3-tier version, a It’s a Boy version, and It’s a Boy 3-Tier diaper cake version.

Woodland Creatures Diaper Cakes Set of 3

These diaper cakes are sold as a set of three, with one main, 3-tier cake, and two matching small cakes. Ideal for baby showers, especially as decoration or table centerpiece. The fox, raccoon, bear and owl make cute gender-neutral decorations on this cake set. Comes with a total of 86 diapers.

Pink Tennis Shoes Diaper cake

An alternative to the stuffed toy cake topper, this diaper cake comes with pink baby tennis shoes as the cake topper. This would make a great gift for active parents.

Large Yellow Orchids Diaper Cake

An elegant diaper cake that isn’t so blatantly baby themed. This diaper cake is assembled with light yellow tulle and peachy-yellow silk orchid flowers. After disassembling for the diapers, the orchid flowers will also make a lovely decoration. This is available in 2-tier or 3-tier options.

Nightmare Before Christmas Diaper Cake

This black and white diaper cake is an alternative to pink, blue, yellow or any other pastel colored diaper cakes. If the parents are hosting a Nightmare Before Christmas baby shower this diaper cake is more than ideal.

Collegiate Diaper Cakes

Designed for the football-fan parents, these diaper cakes are college themed, and come in either a 2-tier or 3-tier style. The diaper cake is also topped with matching baby bib, shirt, knit cap and booties. This diaper cake is made to order and delivers in 8-10 days. Currently available in 19 school colors – Auburn, Mississippi State, Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Kansas State, LSU, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Ole Mis, Tennessee, Texas, Texas A&M.

Winnie the Pooh 4 Tier Diaper Cake

Another great gender neutral option is this Winnie the Pooh themed diaper cake. This diaper cake also includes a Pooh bear stuffed toy, and Burt’s Bees baby lotion, shampoo and body wash, buttermilk soap and diaper ointment deluxe samples. Decorated with bees, a honey pot and gold ribbon, this diaper cake comes with 72 diapers.

Pink & Gold Baby Blanket Diaper Cake

This is the diaper cake that goes above and beyond. The pink and gold decorations on this diaper cake are all removable baby goods. Not only does this three-tier cake come with 50 diapers (Luvs diapers unless otherwise specified), it also includes a tiara, pink tutu, multiple hair bows, receiving blankets and onesies.

Yellow Gray Baby Diaper Cake

Yellow and gray are joyful colors generally used for gender neutrality. This cake is also decorated with styled receiving blankets, socks and washcloths. Unlike most diaper cakes, this diaper cake comes with size 2 diapers.

Baby Girl Tricycle Diaper Cake

If you’re after a diaper cake that doesn’t look like a standard tiered cake, this is a great alternative. Using receiving blankets, socks, bibs, baby bottle and ribbon, the diapers are held together in the shape of a mini tricycle. There is also an option to add a soft toy atop the tricycle.

If you’re not a fan of these styles, or you just enjoy a creative challenge, you might consider making your own diaper cake. Aside from customizing the colors and decorations, making your own diaper cake also allows you to use diapers of your choice that suit the baby. The tiers of the cake also provide an opportunity for you to include other baby goods, like baby shampoo, lotion, blankets etc. inside to give the cake structure. Given the average price of diapers, making your own diaper cake will cost much less than purchasing a pre-made diaper cake. If you feel like making it from scratch, you’d just need a cardboard base, rubber bands to hold the diapers together, and ribbons for decoration. However, if you would like a bit of help with the DIY, you can check out some of the supplies you need to make your own diaper cake:

4 Layer Decorate It Yourself Diaper Cake

If you’re just after custom decorations, save yourself the trouble of assembling the diaper cake with this DIY option. Made from 100 Pampers diapers, this cake tower sits 16” tall. Decorate it with ribbons, fabric or toys of your own choice to gift or use as decoration for a baby shower.

EZ Diaper Cake Diaper Cake Kit

Rather than worrying about the diapers not stacking properly or falling down, get yourself a diaper cake kit. Sold with a base, center rod and three bars, this kit offers the structural base for your diaper cake. This kit will hold up to 84 diapers assembled in three layers. With the extra rods for structure, you won’t have to worry about the diaper cake collapsing on itself.

Amscan Baby Shower Deluxe Diaper Cake Decoration Kit

This diaper cake decoration kit comes with a 13.25” base, pink ruffle, ribbons, bow and “It’s a Girl” sign. With this kit, all you have to do is purchase your choice of diapers, stack them together onto the base, and attach the decorations.

Simplicity Wilton Diaper Cake Kit

The Simplicity Wilton Diaper Cake Kit comes with pastel colored, gender-neutral decorations for your diaper cake. You will receive the base, tiny footprint cutouts, ribbon and paper blocks for the topper. This cake kit is designed to be used with around 90 diapers.

Next time you need a gift for expecting parents, you can consider getting them a diaper cake, whether it’s ordering a pre-assembled one, or trying your hand at making your own diaper cake.

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