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The Best Pillow for your Baby – MIMOS Baby Pillow


It’s widely known that a newborn’s skull is softer than that of an adult. This makes it all the more important to make sure your baby’s head is on the softest and most supportive surface possible. With the average newborn sleeping over 15 hours a day, it is especially important to select a proper pillow! Not only does the pillow they’re laying on need to be soft and supportive, it’s important that the pillow is safe from any harmful chemicals. There are a lot of newborn pillows out there claiming to be the best but one name keeps floating to the top of the lists. The Mimos baby pillow ticks all the right boxes and is filled with positive reviews from mother and fathers all over the world.

The safety details

This pillow is extremely effective at distributing pressure on your newborn’s skull. It is TUV certified which is a highly accredited safety standard as well as being Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 which means it is safe for your baby to spend those long sleepy days on. Like many adults, babies also have preferred sides to sleep on meaning pressure is concentrated on a single area. Instead of constantly repositioning and upsetting your baby, let Mimos baby pillow handle the hard work.

What the internet is saying about the Mimos baby pillow

The Mimos baby pillow isn’t the cheapest pillow out there but it is more than worth the investment. Mother’s have been raving about the and agree the price is totally worth it. Reviews like, “It is expensive however we really like ours and his Doctor has even commented on the improvement. Hope this helps!”, “I know it’s expensive. Just buy it.” and “Best pillow ever regardless of price!” will help assure you of its value.

Many reviews mention doctors noticing improvements on the shape of their baby’s skull and how because of the Mimos baby pillow, permanent damage was prevented. “One day I realized our 4 month old baby’s head was really flat. I read that if you don’t fix it by 8-12 months it is almost impossible to correct (doctor confirmed this). I read some miracle reviews on this pillow along with some that said it didn’t work for them. We figured $100 is a small price to pay for a normal looking noggin if it does work. We took a risk and bought the pillow, since you can’t return it. I got the pillow a week before his appointment with the head helmet specialist. His head had completely corrected itself. The doctor said baby heads are very soft and malleable and change shape after only 7 days of pressure. We were amazed. If I became lazy about it I could tell his head would start to go flat again. We used the pillow from 4-7 months. We ordered size XL. Now he is sitting and crawling and doesn’t lay on his head very much so we don’t use it as often. I am keeping this for future babies as a preventative measure. I have recommended this to lots of people.” – Alexis B. from Amazon wrote.

Wrapping it up

Do you own one of these head saving pillows? Did you even know this was ANOTHER thing to worry about as a parent? We hope this article brought some new information your way. If it did help, click here to head on over to Amazon and check out over 300 reviews of it!

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