The Power of Parenting

The New Revolutionary Way of Raising Confident, Happy and Successful Children

The Power of Parenting

01 September 2012 by admin

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Can’t anyone with low self esteem ever achieve their goals in life?power-parenting-kindle-96
Can’t a kid with no confidence be able to get the job of their dreams in this wild world? Will they be able to find a loving partner? “The Power of Parenting”.This powerful book will give your child that edge over his friends that will make their parents jealous and and want to do anything,even copy your hair color to be like you!

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Here is what you get:

1) The 3 most effective principles to raise a SUCCESSFUL and CONFIDENT child

2) Empowering beliefs that help your children reach their FULL POTENTIAL

3) The focus techniques you need to know to train your children to SEE POSSIBILITIES instead of problems

4) The unique key to LEARN anything QUICKLY and
DEVELOP TALENT in any field

5) The SIMPLE SECRET that will make others think your child is the luckiest in the world


7) The ability to see if your child is taking a successful or un-successful direction in life

8) A SELF-IMPROVEMENT and personal-growth experience for you as a person before a parent

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9) An awareness of how your and your children’s mind thinks, and how to use that information to change your whole perception of the world

10) INSPIRING STORIES of successful parents

11) The reasons why the way you talk to your children in their early years is so important

12) A shocking, eye-opening awareness into what IMPACT TV HAS on your children

13) An EASY TO READ, straight-forward and interactive book

14) Bullet summaries at the end of each chapter to help you absorb the key principles

15) The EASIEST most POWERFUL techniques to develop SELF-ESTEEM, CONFIDENCE, CREATIVITY, inner HAPPINESS and much much more

Steven Lorena
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